Our fees are normally charged on the basis of the time taken, the degree of skill required and the qualification of the staff undertaking the work together with any out of pocket expenses incurred in relation to a job.

On occasion we may agree an annual fee in advance, usually with the proviso that any additional work not assumed in the original budget will be charged in addition on the above basis.

We ask our clients to take out standing order payments with us throughout the year as this assists both us and you. Even though we may only initially be asked to prepare an annual set of accounts there will inevitably be other work arising throughout the year and standing orders help us, and you, cover the costs of this. From your point of view, paying in instalments avoids a large single bill at the end of the year often when there is also tax to pay. We can provide a statement of money received and the cost of the work to date at any time on a client’s request.

For more information on fees see clause 5 of our Terms of Business

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